Privacy policy

About us

This website,, is run by Jelle Dekkers (his personal website). We are based in the Netherlands, and you can contact us for any inquiry by sending an email to

This website is built using WordPress, and the store is enabled by WooCommerce.

The information we collect and with whom we share it

When browsing this website generally, no data is being collected. If you choose to create an account or place an order, that data will be stored on our servers. If you place a review under a product, that information will be kept on our servers. Any information sent through the contact form on the ‘Contact us’ page is sent directly to, and will not be stored on our servers. All of the customer’s information that is kept within WordPress (such as order information, reviews, the customer’s account details) is secured by a strong password and protection against login attempts by others.

Any order information is processed through PayPal. By placing an order through this website, you also agree to PayPal’s terms and conditions, as well as their privacy policy. Once the order is ready for shipping, your address information is shared with PostNL, who is the courier responsible for shipping orders.

The purpose of collecting this information is to make it possible to recieve order information (such as the products, amount, etc) and ship said order to the customer. The purpose of collection review information is to provide other customers with better information before they purchase a product.

The only parties who are able to access any customer’s personal information are: PayPal, Jelle Dekkers, the customer.


WordPress does not collect any analytics data, and no plugins that do so are used on this website.

The right to be forgotten

All information is kept permanently. The customer is able to delete their personal information on the ‘My account’ page, or by sending such a request to